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Rahel and Noz are content strategy evangelists, delivering presentations, keynotes, and training sessions around the world. Catch one or both of them at one of these events.

OmnichannelX Conference 2019

Content Strategy Intensive Workshop

Content Strategy Applied

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Recent presentations

Rahel Anne Bailie

These presentations have been delivered at multiple conferences, and can be found on SlideShare.

  • Trends in Content Strategy
  • What’s Your Business Problem: Selling Content Strategy
  • Learning from a Connected Africa
  • Strategist, Consultant, Advisor: Which are you?
  • (with Christian Gericke) Ambassadors for the UN of Content
  • Localisation Best Practices Start with the Source
  • Marketing Content Is not Content Marketing
  • Localisation as Business Benefit
  • Content Strategy: A Bridge to Digital Strategy
  • Content as a Business Asset
  • A Professional Carol: The Past, Present, and Future of Content Strategy
  • The UX of Content
  • Getting to Success: Implementing a Content Strategy
  • Do You Trust Me Now?: Content in the Age of Social Media
  • Global Presence, Many Sources: A Content Strategy for High-Volume Content Providers
  • Powered by Content: How Content Done Right Fuels Social Business

Noz Urbina

  • Intelligent, Adaptive Content: B2B’s Must-have Content Capabilities for an Omnichannel Personalised World
  • The Wall Falls Down: Integrating our Online and Offline Worlds
  • Storming the Castle: Reaching Those Who Control the Power & Purse Strings
  • Multi-dimensional Content Strategy: A plan for dodging the upcoming train
  • Workshop: Customer Experience Mapping
  • Chatbots: How They Can Be Integrated into Your Existing Content Strategy
  • Workshop: Modelling adaptive content for multiple channels
  • Using Adaptive Content to Create Topical and Evergreen Deliverables from the Same Source
  • Customer Journey Mapping for Omnichannel Content Personalisation
  • Content modeling 101
  • How to handle multichannel content (marketing)
  • The human side of semantic content
  • Adaptive Content equals Architecture plus Process minus Reality

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