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Download: Multiplicity – Content Overload Hidden in Plain Sight

These slides are yours to use in your presentations to get across just how many actual deliverables can move through an organisation, and illustrate how necessary it is to have a content strategy to handle them all.

These slides summarize and illustrate concepts Noz and Rahel have both discussed on their blogs, and support the in-depth text of Chapter 16: The Nature of Content where we discuss “multiplicity”: the common state of having multiple stakeholders, outputs, channels and audiences involved in a content.

An modern organization can easily execute tens of thousands of publishing actions every year across their teams and departments. All this publishing, and the net effect on users, is often not visible to team members, managers and decision makers, because all the different moving parts and activities are spread out across time and space.

Publishing activities – digital and print – are grouped and managed within the boundaries of separate projects, channels, budgets and areas of the organizational chart.

In our projects, new and updated pages per year can easily exceed 100,000, multiplied by print and web this means nearly a quarter of a million pages needing (re)publishing with increasing demand for more versions of the content for specific audiences, and more formats.

Download “Multiplicity” Slides

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